Is your child’s missing or late homework piling up higher and higher each day??

Does it seem insurmountable?

Well, HiveWheel has the buzz about how to fix it!

Keep reading for our top 3 steps to get missing assignments caught up and help your child get future work turned in on time! Sounds like a dream, right?? Getting into this situation sure wasn’t. We look at our children and wonder, “How did this happen?”

It starts with one assignment. One itty bitty assignment that falls through the cracks. That one assignment becomes two, then three, then it spirals out of control.

Your child might start to withdraw, feel ashamed and overwhelmed, or feel fearful that there is no way out. The mountain of missing work has just become too much to handle.

And you, as the parent, feel stuck. You are already juggling so much. So how on earth do you find the time and energy to dig your child out of this massive hole?

We are here to solve your stress!

Follow HiveWheel’s top 3 tips to solve the missing assignment struggle:

  1. Make a Master List

Sit down with your child and make a master list of all the missing and late assignments, and each class they belong to.

When problems arise for your young bees, it is easy for them to go to extremes in their assessment of the situation. They either think the list of work to be done is too long to even start tackling, or that it is only a few items versus the overwhelming reality.

Writing down a master list of everything that is missing helps you and your child see the actual extent of the situation. When a problem comes up, it is only by naming it and laying out the details that we can find the solution.

Once you and your child have created your master list, move forward to the second step.

  1. Break Assignments into Baby Steps

Trying to tackle everything at once will only lead to more stress and overwhelm for everyone. After all, you can’t eat a whole jar of honey in one sitting! Well…you COULD…no judgment here!

Get out your child’s planner, and set a realistic date to have the missing assignments completed. Then reverse engineer the schedule to complete this work, spreading assignments out over a week or two versus a few days. These small steps ensure more success than jam-packing everything into a short timeframe.

It may be tempting for your child to focus solely on completing their missing work. Be sure that all current and upcoming homework remains the top priority. Schedule times to work on missing assignments only after their current homework goals are met. This will keep students from falling further behind in their effort to get caught up with their work!

  1. Hire a HiveWheel coach!

When the struggle to deal with missing assignments becomes too much, HiveWheel is here to lead the way!

Our expert learning coaches work with your child 1-on-1 to teach them how to complete missing work, how to stay on top of all future assignments, and all the executive functioning skills it takes to be a successful student! 

With HiveWheel, your child connects the dots. They learn how their brain works and how to solve their school stress effectively. They get the tools and support they need to be successful, both in and outside of the classroom.

The skills our students learn with HiveWheel coaches become part of their daily lives and carry them through the school years ahead and into adulthood. 

Success begins with HiveWheel!

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